Art about You 
                        Portraits & Caricatures
                                         by Naomi Segal Deitz

It’s really very simple.  I just love to draw.  And what I love to draw best is people.  I would love to draw your people

I don’t have formal art school training, and don’t have a complex philosophy about the way I do art.  I grew up in New England, attended Brown University, and now live in Oregon.  Always the inveterate doodler, one year I drew some comics for my kids’ elementary school newsletter, then kept going from there.

For me, portraiture is an active, expressive approach to people-watching, something we all love to do.  I have learned with the help of local teaching artists, and developed -- as many artists do -- by going to open studios, classes at local community centers, reading art books and magazines, and -- most important -- drawing and painting on my own.  


I specialize in faces, either realistically rendered or as caricatures, and work from life and from photos, though not from others’ professional photos (unless you have the photographer’s permission).  Please see the page entitled “Portraits” for examples.

While I prefer to have face time with a client to do sketches, get to know that person’s features, and take photos of my own, this is not always possible because of schedule or geography.  We can make arrangements that suit your needs.

When I draw, I use charcoal and graphite, and do not set the number of hours I work on a commissioned portrait.  I work on it until both you and I are satisfied.  End of story.

Although we are all facing many economic challenges these days, one of my portraits or caricatures provides an affordable, personally meaningful piece of original art for you or someone you care about.  It is truly art about you.

One of my portraits, “Daughters X”, at right, appears in Art Journey:  Portraits & FiguresThe best of contemporary drawing in graphite, pastel & colored pencil, a 2014 publication from NorthLight Books.  (For a larger image, please see the page entitled “Portraits”.) I am honored to be included in this beautiful collection, which features the work of over 100 artists.


I began painting in 2011, after drawing for about 12 years.  Samples from this new journey can be found on the page entitled “Paintings, Figurative”, where you can also see my life drawing and other work. 

I was honored in 2014 when the Oregon Society of Artists awarded me a special commission to paint the first-ever portrait of the Portland Rose Festival Queen to celebrate the 100th year of coronation.  The portrait appears at right, as well as under “Portraits” and “Paintings”.

My pricing page only applies to drawn portraits.  If you are interested in a portrait in oil, please contact me.

I am a member of the Oregon Society of Artists, where I lead a weekly life drawing group, and the Portrait Society of America.

Please take a moment to browse through my works and meet the folks in my “gallery.”   And feel free to e-mail me with questions.


About Naomi Segal Deitz

Favorite Lenses

  1. -Numsan vent lam

  2. -Facillum set laore

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  4. -Verosto exerit ea feugue

Current Show

Modern Art Gallery

October 17 - November 14

4312 First Street

Anytown, State 54321

Selfie I, 2014

Oil on linen, 6 x 8”

Daughters XIV, Gina, 2017

6 x 6”, oil on travertine tile

Daughters X, 2012

Charcoal & graphite on paper, 24 x 18”

For a larger image, please go to Portraits page.

Havana, 2018

18 x 24”, charcoal & graphite on paper